About us

The Local Action Group (LAG) “Dealurile Târnavelor” territory comprises the following municipalities:

  • Mures county – Albești, Apold, Daneș, Nadeș, Saschiz, Vânători
  • Sibiu county – Biertan, Laslea

The Local Action Group Association “Dealurile Târnavelor” was established as a public-private partnership in 2007 under the LEADER programme, the founding members having human and logistical resources and expertise to implement a Local Development Strategy. So far there have been two changes in the partnership’s composition: both through the resignation of some members who either were no longer active or had changed their legal status, and through the co-option of new members who have expressed their desire and interest in supporting the socio-economic and cultural development of the area.

The partnership currently consists of 47 members, including:


The Local Action Group Association “Dealurile Târnavelor” operates based on the provisions of the Statute and on a Regulation of Organisation and Operation approved by the AGM (Annual General Meeting) Resolution. The governing bodies are the General Assembly of Associates (made up of all 47 members) and the Governing Board (made up of 7 members, three of whom represent, through executive staff, the member municipalities in the Local Action Group “Dealurile Târnavelor”) The decision-making body for projects selected for funding through the LEADER Local Development Strategy is the Selection Committee, made up of 11 members.

The culture of ethnic minorities in the territory is represented, within the partnership, by the Democratic Forum of Germans Sighișoara and the Vânători Cultural Association – Hejasfalvi Kulturalis Egyesulet, however the partnership also includes other organizations whose legal representatives are ethnic Germans and Hungarians (minorities with tradition in this area), such as: Hungarian Farmers Association in Romania – Albești subsidiary, Klusch Frederic Family Business, Gherghiceanu Gerda APP (Authorized Physical Person), Fernolend Walther APP, SC BTA SRL.

Non-governmental organisations play an important role in this partnership and are active in a variety of fields:

  • Agricultural: Bull Breeders Association in Vânători, Association of Hungarian Farmers in Romania – Albești subsidiary, Association for the promotion of professional and technological values in agriculture and rural development, Valea Târnavelor Beekeeping Association.
  • Environment: ADEPT Transilvania Foundation, EcoTransilvania Association, Pro-Park – Foundation for Protected Areas.
  • Culture/Folklore: Românașul Folklore Association, Democratic Forum of Germans Sighișoara, Vânători Cultural Association – Hejasfalvi Kulturalis Egyesulet.
  • Sports: Gaz Metan Daneș Sports Association.
  • Social: ProBiertan Association, Lukas Christian Medical Association – Laslea Hospital, CasApold Association, Speranța Gemina Association.
  • Tourism: Târnava Mare Tourism Association.
  • Women’s Association: Vecinătatea Femeilor din Saschiz Association.
  • Youth Association: Vecinătatea Tinerilor din Saschiz Association.

AGRICULTURE is a key sector for the development of the territory, the relevant associative form in this field being the Agricultural Cooperative Fermierul Transilvănean.

The private sector is mainly represented by micro and small enterprises in various sectors:

  • Agricultural (including processing): Suciu Lucian IE (Individual Enterprise), SC Silvagra SRL, Dalmasso Maria Anca IE, Burlea Olimpiu APP, Stroian Zaharie APP, Iosif Mihai IE, Fermierul Transilvănean Agricultural Cooperative, Cismaș Tincuța Corina IE, SC Sebal SRL.
  • Forestry: Hârșan Dumitru IE.
  • Professional/scientific and technical activities/Environment: Popa Răzvan Daniel APP.
  • Carpentry, facilities: Klusch Frederic Family Business, SC Izolații Tip Niță SRL.
  • Trade: SC Tomis Prodcomimpex SRL, SC Miarom Comind SRL, SC Kyzd SRL.
  • Tourism: SC BTA SRL, Gherghiceanu Gerda APP, Fernolend Walther APP, Cartref Saschiz SRL.
  • Manufacture of textiles/craftsmanship: Neagu S.E. Elena APP.

Of the entities listed, those from outside the LEADER territory covered by the Local Action Group “Dealurile Târnavelor” are six in number – some are founding members, and some were subsequently accepted into the partnership by the AGM because, through their expertise and experience in the areas in which they operate, they can contribute to the successful implementation of the Local Development Strategy:

  • Pro-Park – Foundation for Protected Areas based in Brașov – NGO recognized nationally and internationally for the projects carried out for the correct valorisation of natural resources in the protected areas: Natura 2000 sites, etc. The Local Action Group “Dealurile Târnavelor” and ProPark Foundation have established a partnership for developing the Local Development Strategy, with a focus on data collection through questionnaires for diagnostic and SWOT analysis of natural resources in the territory and the development of thematic working groups: agriculture (soil), forestry (forests), hunting (game fauna), water and strategic planning.
  • Gherghiceanu Gerda APP and Fernolend Walther APP, both based in Viscri village, Bunești commune, Brasov county – founding members since 2007, support tourism activities and promotion of local products and participate in AGM meetings. In the area there is a tradition of smooth collaboration between small producers and local agrotourism entrepreneurs, the tourism packages include activities for the whole area, the short distances between municipalities (including those in different LEADER territories) allowing this to be done within a fixed timetable.
  • Popa Răzvan Daniel APP, based in Mediaș, Sibiu county – biologist, rural development expert, member of the Selection Committee in the previous funding period, actively involved in making and supporting presentations on the introduction of environmental actions in projects initiated by local stakeholders at working groups and public meetings carried out.
  • Târnava Mare Tourism Association, based in Sighișoara, Mureș county – implements projects in tourism (activities and services) in the whole area, tourism being another priority development area of the Local Action Group “Dealurile Târnavelor” territory (Sighișoara – although it is a socio-economic development centre of the region – could not be included in the partnership as it has more than 20.000 inhabitants)
  • Democratic Forum of Germans Sighișoara – the main promoter and coordinator of activities to enhance the culture of the ethnic Saxons, with intense action in the municipalities of the LEADER Local Action Group “Dealurile Târnavelor”. territory.